The meteoric rise in the number of homeless New Yorkers

One of the most well-known cities in the world, New York City radiates an aura of opulence to the outside world. Unknown to the latter, however, is the unprecedented homelessness problem that has been plaguing the Big Apple these past couple of years.

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A recent study by the Coalition for the Homeless reveals that in the last decade, New York City has seen an unprecedented 73 percent increase in the number of homeless families. This staggering rise, which is nothing short of meteoric, has triggered an alarm in the Coalition for the Homeless, the nation’s oldest direct service organization dedicated to helping the homeless.

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“New York is facing a homeless crisis worse than any time since the Great Depression,” asserts Mary Brosnahan, president of the Coalition for the Homeless. For everyday last January, over 50,000 first-time visitors spent the night in a city-operated homeless facility. At least 21,000 children slept each night in January in a shelter — a striking 1 percent of the city’s youth. The number of homeless families rose to about 18 percent in 2012, and at least 3,200 people spend the night in the streets of New York.

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While homelessness has long been a problem, seeing it rise to a whole new level of “grave” is not a good idea to behold. If everyone took part in helping out to ease the situation, resolution may come in as swiftly as the meteoric rise of this condition.

Randy Wooten is a Missouri-born musician, film producer, and philanthropist. This blog offers more information about his philanthropic work.


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