REPOST: Charity becomes first in UK to use ‘smart advertising’

How does one advert change the way of fundraising in the UK? This Telegraph article has the details.


Freedom From Torture’s advert will target people more likely to donate thanks to software being trialled by Sky that changes which commercials appear on individual televisions.

The AdSmart technology, which uses data from Sky+ set-top boxes, automatically looks at the household’s estimated income, age, class and location before deciding which commercials appear.

Sky has been pilotting AdSmart since August with the first phase of testing due to finish at the end of the year. Between 30 and 40 advertising partners are taking part in the scheme.

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Image Source:

Freedom From Torture is the first charity to utilise the technology and is believed to be targeting pensioners in the hope of increasing the effectiveness of the film.

The 60-second advert is called I am Marie and tells the story of someone who was arrested by the authorities, beaten, tortured and raped after publicly opposing child trafficking.

Keith Best, chief executive at Freedom from Torture, said: “We rely heavily on the generosity of individual donors and this new AdSmart technology will allow us to reach out directly to people in their own living rooms for the first time and ask them for help.

“Being able to target our appeal specifically to the people who are most likely to donate means that TV advertising is now affordable and available to us for the first time – it presents a golden opportunity to increase donations to fund the important work we do.”


Randy Wooten uses his love for music to help others by organizing concerts for a cause, among other philanthropic efforts. For more about him, visit this blog site.


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