Music for good: Writing songs for a good cause


Writing a song is one of the highest expressions of life—it follows intuition, it creates a distinctive art form in the form of a melody, and it carries a valuable message. A great way to use one’s talent and skills as an artist is to compose a song for a good cause.

The power of music through charitable songs cannot be questioned. Many of the world’s most successful singles have been recorded for charity with the aim of raising money to be donated to a relief effort, a non-profit organization, or charitable foundation.



When writing songs for a cause, one has to do away with material notions of coming up with smash records and earning the status of a rock star. A composer must put himself to the task of serving a greater purpose. The song should draw out a message that pierces through the hearts of the listeners, and reflect a message that the artist represents. It should be both timeless and universal.

An example is the song One by U2, which was initially aimed at funding a cause for AIDS research. Although the song’s lyrics seemingly describe “disunity” or “disbandment,” One can also be interpreted in so many other ways, such as an anthem for human rights or social justice. Moreover, it can also talk about a personal relationship that is about to be broken.


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Writing a song for a good cause is a solid way of diversifying musical craft. It can serve as an inspiration for those in need and a power that brings change in the society.

Randy Wooten is a Los Angeles-based musician who uses his talent to change the lives of people through philanthropy. Know more about his works on this Facebook page.


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