Technology for philanthropy: Mobile apps that encourage giving back


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In an age of selfies, dating profiles, and status updates, it’s hard to imagine mobile apps can be serious tools to help those in need. In fact, as technology advances, so are the ways of accomplishing tasks, including donating to a certain charity or supporting a cause. The following mobile apps encourage people to put their smartphones to good use and change someone’s life:

Instead. As its name suggests, this app encourages users to donate $3 or $5 in place of, for instance, buying a beer or a cup of coffee. These seemingly simple changes in one’s routine can actually help provide clean water or HIV medicine to impoverished areas.

Charity Miles. Since it’s common for people to take a daily run, why not do it while donating to a charity? This app lets users choose a charity they want to support and lets them donate $.10 to $.025 per mile, depending on the type of workout they do.



Feedie. This app makes ‘foodstagramming’ a charitable deed. When users take a photo of their meal from a participating restaurant and share it online, a meal is donated to The Lunchbox Fund which benefits schoolchildren in South Africa. A complete list of the participating establishments can be found on its website.

Donate a Photo. This app by Johnson & Johnson donates $1 to the users’ chosen cause whenever they share a photo online. Now users have an excuse to take and share as many photos as they want.


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Charles Wooten is a philanthropist who uses music to come to the aid of those in need. Subscribe to this Google+ page for more similar stories on philanthropy.


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