How music can increase work productivity

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There are people who like working in silence. But there are those who can’t function without their favorite album playing in the background. There are even those who are armed with their trusted playlist; it could be a mix of pop songs, old favorites, and some random instrumental pieces.

Some people may wonder whether music really steps up productivity or is it simply a distraction. Admittedly, for many employees it is both. On one hand, music keep them awake and focused throughout the day. On the other hand, for some employees music helps them do their work faster.

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There are obvious benefits to listening to music at work and the following are some of them:

Music works as an invisible barrier

In an office setting, there are many distractions. You can hear your colleagues chatting, talking on the phone, and the sound of their fingers typing on the keyboard. These noises can be annoying when you want to concentrate at work. This is when music comes in handy. A good earphones can help you escape all the noise.

Music increases cognitive performance

A study by Stanford University scientists revealed that music triggers memory and increases one’s ability to recall information. Songs without lyrics deliver the most positive effects for lyrics can be distracting. If you’re not into classical, you can also listen to songs in a different language. This way, you can focus more on work rather than trying to make sense of the lyrics.

Music makes repetitive tasks easier

For tasks that seem tedious and don’t require high-level cognition, listening to music is the answer. Music can lift your mood and can raise you energy levels. In 1972, a landmark study featured on the journal Applied Ergonomics revealed that factory workers were more efficient when lively and upbeat music was playing in the background.

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