The sound of music – Dubstep-Style: Some techniques on effective DJ’ing

When U.K.-based duo Disclosure broke into the music scene with their smash hit “Latch,” it sparked a reintroduction to DJ’ing and how the genre of electronica has evolved in the last few decades. There is a misconception that DJ’ing simply involves the repetition of beats (usually those in the lower frequency, which create more vibrations within the earlobe and produces that feeling of bobbing one’s head). Popular media has strengthened this notion further by only introducing deep house music that personifies the rapid succession of bass sound effects.

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Music enthusiasts though understand that electronica involves a broad range of DJ skills, including learning the many different classifications of electronica from deep house to dubstep. Listed below are two effective techniques on being an effective DJ:

Find one’s voice, eliminate the noise: It may be argued that getting recognized as a DJ is more challenging because there isn’t much room for individuality. This is both true and false. The budding DJ should understand that he or she is dealing mostly with rhythms and beats. So in that sense, it may be “hard” to find a voice. Nevertheless, as what Disclosure proved, blending is also key to an effective musical production. Gaining individuality in the DJ world is more or less the same as with any other musical genre.

It’s not the equipment, it’s the sound: Most individuals hesitate from learning DJ’ing because the equipment is relatively expensive. There is a plethora affordably-priced second-hand equipment and gear in the market. Also, many well-known artists began their careers with homemade music. It was only when they earned more money did they buy the standard equipment. What was more important was that their sound was made.

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Lastly, the interested DJ should just make the first move. There are many online forums out there and music producers who are willing to listen. A dream remains a dream until action is applied. Being an effective DJ requires a lot of dedication, but starts with a simple decision of saying “yes.”

Randy Wooten is an independent producer who is passionate about all forms of music. More about his interests are featured on this Facebook page .


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