Benefit Concerts: When Great Melodies and Kindness Mean the Same Thing

Benefit concerts are a gathering of people who enjoy listening to live music while at the same time supporting a charitable cause. Although not obligatory, joining fund raising events not only offers entertainment or funding to certain philanthropic activities, it also brings out great things about life, awakens personal purpose, and even boosts the immune system.

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1. Burning calories
Participating in a concert involves a lot of jumping, shouting, running around, and more jumping. It’s like a fitness gym, except that there will be a lot more people and ‘working out’ is done with less fixed timing but equal amount of physical activity. People will burn a lot of calories, without them even knowing it.

2. Music discovery
Depending on the cause and the size of the expected audience, benefit concerts can host plenty of artists—who could be a mix of indie stars, veterans, and greenhorns. Thus, it is the perfect opportunity to discover ‘new’ sounds that the mainstream media might have not yet fully introduced. The diversity of musical presentations in such events is enormous and listeners are treated to a good lineup of quality music. In fact, there have been breakout stars who started their careers participating in charity concerts.

3. Helping others
The main objective of benefit concerts is to raise funds for a certain cause or causes, such as scholarship grants for poor students, feeding programs, and funding for indigent patients, among others. Purchasing a ticket or buying t-shirts from the concert could be one step closer to making the world a better place.

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Randy Wooten is a volunteer at the Bread and Roses Café, where he has organized benefit concerts for the last couple of years. For updates, follow him on Twitter.


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