Make it Big, Get that Gig: Tips on Booking Performances for your Band

Is your band looking for a stage? If you want your music to be appreciated by a crowd, you’ll need to have a venue where you can play. Whether you’re playing as a sideline, or you want to make it big, booking a gig should be your thing.

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Performing in gigs can help you and your bandmates in a lot of ways. First, it can help you practice in front of a large crowd. Having gigs can also help you build or gauge your audience.

How can you get your band to perform in different venues? Here are tips that will help you book your first set of gigs.

Build a repertoire: Have a solid playlist that you have mastered. These songs should be the ones you can play perfectly even with your eyes closed. Stick to them, and make them work.

Research and target your venues: Know places where you can play, even as a rookie in the industry. Look for locations that cater to your genre and audience bracket. Be realistic and keep it small while you’re starting. Don’t go for gigs with thousands of seats to fill while you’re still testing the waters.

Book your shows: Booking does not just mean lining up for a spot in a show. Many venues (pubs, clubs, bars, hotels) require an audition before they let you step on stage. Impress the managers and musical directors with your craft. Don’t worry if you don’t meet the cut the first try—there are many other venues out there.

Pitch your music to good promoters

Look for a promoter who is searching for a band just like yours. Pitch your music and impress him. Send your samples personally or electronically. Who knows? You might just make it big. Good promoters will lead you to the right venues and people while you’re still launching your music career.

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Randy Wooten is a real estate specialist, indie producer, and musician based in Los Angeles, California. Follow him on Twitter to know more about his musical journey.


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