Using YouTube to Promote Music

Musicians these days have another avenue to get the attention of record executives: YouTube. Thanks to the popular and accessible streaming site, music lovers and industry experts now have an easier way to discover raw talent. The music world is abuzz with YouTube stars like Troye Sivan, Charlie Puth, and Tori Kelly who have been making waves in global charts after making the jump to the mainstream. In this era, hit artists can be discovered with a viral upload.

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It’s very easy to promote music through YouTube. An artist only has to create an account for the channel and start uploading videos. But before posting, here’s a word of caution for those who would want to cover hit songs: don’t use the original tracks from another artist’s work without getting permission. Those who would like to cover songs would be better off using their own arrangement even if it’s more tedious. Instead of having a video taken down by YouTube, it’s better to cover a famous artist’s song and give it a new twist.

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Those who would like to post their original songs are free to do so. To encourage people to buy the artist’s songs, putting links to downloading sites such as iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Spotify, and others would be useful. Posting the artists social media accounts will also allow fans from YouTube to keep in touch in other platforms.

Randy Wooten from Los Angeles, California is an indie producer and a musician active in the East and West Coasts. He also has a penchant for helping out homeless people, using his talents and connections to organize benefit concerts at the Bread and Roses Café. To know more about Randy, follow him on Twitter.


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