Passion And Paycheck: The Wisdom Behind Keeping a Day Job

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Most jaded employees think that their day job is a life-sucking routine that they have to go through daily just to make ends meet. Instead of starting their own business, creating artworks, making records, acting in plays, and pursuing other creative ambitions, many people are stuck doing tasks they’re not really fond of. Here’s the thing though; with the right perspective, a day job can push an individual nearer to his dream career.

Many individuals feel imprisoned in their desk jobs is because they feel like they’re going to do the same task for a long time. Such mindset can result in poor performance at work. However, if employees start thinking about their jobs as a means that will fuel and fund their passion projects, then they might give their work more value. Appreciating a day job more than just as a means to an end could open up a person to all the things he could bring to a current position. Who knows? There might be opportunities to demonstrate skills and talents during an office stint.

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If a person doesn’t see himself being an office employee for a long time, he needs to set career goals and deadlines that will help him manage effectively his time and money until the opportunity comes to pursue his dream job full-time. Being unemployed not only harms a person’s self-esteem, it could also deprive one of resources needed to sustain his creative endeavors. Keeping track and accomplishing self-made goals will allow people to start doing what they really want to do even if they still don’t have the whole day for it. Prospering at a day job and a creative project is possible. All it takes are passion and effort. These two things can keep a person motivated in chasing success.

LA-based Randy Wooten is an independent producer and a musician who is actively performing and making music. He also has a penchant for helping out homeless people, using his talents and connections to organize benefit concerts at the Bread and Roses Café. Get to know more about Randy’s career and other projects by following this blog.


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