Heard Right: How Metal Music Increases Positive Emotions

A study was conducted on the effects of listening to metal music on emotions. It concluded that extreme music such as heavy metal promote positive emotions in people and allows them to process negative feelings such as anger. The conclusions coincide with another neurological study, which suggests that the type of music one listens to is reflective of a person’s mood. That is, while music has the potential to change a person’s mood, it can also be a reflection of what individual is feeling at the moment. Thus, an angry person listening to angry music finds catharsis.

Image Source: medicaldaily.com

Neurologists find that extreme music can be used as a healthy way to process emotions. The second study also found that when angry people listen to angry music, they show less levels of hostility, irritability, and stress. They also report feeling more inspired. The more soothing bands, according to the participants, were Metallica, System of a Down, and Meshuggah.

It needs to be noted that these studies only sampled a limited population. It still needs to be further elaborated before it can be generalized towards applications. Neurologists caution that other people could react negatively to angry music; the effect of extreme sounds in some cases shows the opposite of the study’s observations. The results are also dependent, neurologists believe, on the psychological inclinations of the person. Still, biological response to loud noises show that the brain uses it to balance intense feelings.

Image Source: businessinsider.com

Randy Wooten is a musician whose passion for music extends beyond playing. He wants people to truly understand the wonders and joys music can give the world. Learn more about him by viewing this LinkedIn page.


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