For New Musicians: Three Attitudes You Need To Have

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Everyone has dreams of making it big, especially in the music scene. It is estimated that more than half of budding musicians quit before their first year. What separates the successful from the rest are three key attitudes.

Sheer determination: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of new musicians that pop up every year. Being different and catching a music producer’s eye is difficult and challenging. Often it becomes more of a “gimmick” rather than actual talent. Technology has allowed musicians to promote their music independently freely, but there is growing competition as well. It is easy to get discouraged, but determination is essential if one wants to succeed.

Passion: Some musicians may find it hard to keep pushing on sheer determination alone. This is where passion comes in. True musicians do what they do because they love it. They do not think about the money (although it is an important consideration). It is about being passionate about something and doing whatever it takes to get it. The adage that money will come if love is there is overused but not any less true because of it.

Optimism and intuition: Those who make it in the industry are forward-thinkers. These are the ones who can detect trends and adapt their music to it. This does not mean changing one’s personal style, but understanding what works and what people want to hear. Sometimes, musicians can become the catalyst to a new global trend because of intuition and optimism.

Another good tip is to associate one’s self with positive musicians who have paved their way into the industry. They would have insightful tips that can help.

Randy Wooten is a musician and independent producer. He hopes to see more new talent in the industry. Learn more by following this Google+ page.


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