The winning tune: Characteristics of musicians who make it big in the industry

The music industry is a competitive field where artistic individuals struggle to make their own mark. As if getting a break isn’t already hard, making money out of it is harder. Not all musically talented people land a spot in the industry. The chosen few have done a set of things that made them successful in the field.


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They educate themselves

Successful musicians educate themselves on recent trends in music. They know what’s in, and what they should do in order to get on (and stay on) top. They know which media will work best to sell their music, and they also educate themselves on the newest technologies that will help them produce memorable melodies.

They are patient and persistent

A career in the music industry does not happen in a snap. Before musicians can make it big in the industry, they need hours of practice. They also dedicate days, months, and even years of preparation for their debut. Some of them go on numerous auditions to land the job they want.

They are versatile

Successful musicians are not afraid to try on different hats until they have established their name in the industry. They are not choosy with projects that are given to them, and they do not keep their standards too high when it comes to client treatment.


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Randy Wooten is an independent producer, philanthropist, and musician. Learn more about his craft and other professional work by visiting this page.


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